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4 ways to get your family moving

4 ways to get your family moving

Movement is key with so many aspects of our lives and especially as we age and fight off illness and disease. But it is also key for children. Here are 4 fun ways to get your family moving even during the hustle and bustle of life.

1. Spend evenings outdoors

After dinner make it a habit to get outside and bring out the scooters, bikes, sidewalk chalk. Make it fun for the entire family and strike up a game of tag, frisbee, or capture the flag. It is a perfect time to get all sweaty right before you jump into your shower/bath time routine. Don't forget to join in the fun yourself. 

2. Find a quick workout video

During covid my family and I would search Youtube and we found a lot of fun kid friendly yoga videos to do in the living room. Find one that everyone can do and work it into your before school or after school routine.

3. Join a local sports team

It is now time for sign-ups for baseball, softball, soccer, dance, or any other local sport that is offered in your community. It is our job to sign our kids up and take them and get them involved. These activities truly develop hand eye coordination, team building, and cardiovascular exercise. 

4. Go for a walk

Getting your kids to go for a walk with you gives you time to talk with your partner and your kids and ask them about their day. It gets you away from TV, cell phones, and the internet. 


As parents it is our responsibility to get our kids out of the house to move and get their daily exercise. How are you going to get moving?


Written by Erin Holtz
Owner of @purefitnessllc